The Library


Row after row, section by section, a maze for hunting new adventures
Spines of every color and kind
bright, faded, repaired, or in desperate need,
all with varying textures of age and smells of time.

Some covered in cracked plastic
others sporting broken spines braced with
 yellowed tape
all become much more attractive in someone’s hands,
grasping, holding, flaming another’s interest
drawn into the past or led to the future,
either learning, reminiscing or escaping!

Comatose lives wait between the covers
resurrected by touch, fed by the spark of interest

Infusing a new mind with thoughts originating years,
decades, even centuries before
The author, granted the chance to live again

feeds off the pulse of the beholder, the touch on pages enliven,
characters become new again as a reader gets hooked,
flat pages gain dimension, characters dance through our imagination,
fusing the souls of reader and author
adding a new generation 
to the writer’s immortality