A Glimpse of Glory


67 cougar

Buried under years of growth, but now exposed
sitting for years, trapped under rotted beams
neglected, abandoned, mostly hidden from view
as the leaves fall and the vegetation withers away
the light sometimes gives a glimpse of its old glory
reflecting off all that is left of many a man’s dreams

Oh, what a life all those years ago
back when the sheen couldn’t be missed
heads turned and watched, fantasizing
this gal knew how to wear her colors
turquoise and white, sporting shiny black leather
a chrome carrying member of the best of the 60s

This cat had all the right lines to appeal
the snub-nosed hood and the wide electric razor grill
the power to run or just make the heart pump
nothing but comfort, but built for performance
whether plain for around town or dressed to kill,
she was the pride of 1967

1967 cougar

And now she sits, another part of a decaying neighborhood
just a pile of rust, rot, and worn out dreams
hidden headlights corroded closed forever
the hardtop ruined, the paint faded and chipped
the rubber and chrome only suggestive
yet the shape is unmistakably still a 1967 Cougar xr7

May she rust in peace!

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